Engineering Hall Auditorium (DUE 1109)


The Engineering Hall Auditorium (DUE1109) provides a full multimedia presentation environment. Adjustable lighting, professional sound and video display systems, a user-friendly presentation console and a comfortable atmosphere, all help make this an excellent presentation facility. The auditorium provides comfortable stadium seating. This allows a clear view of the presentation material from anywhere in the audience.


  • Seats 248 
  • Dual Projectors
  • Internet-enabled presentation computer
  • Laptop connections (VGA/HDMI)
  • Podium
  • Document Camera
  • Touchscreen Monitors
  • Handheld, Podium, Lapel and Audience Microphones
  • 3 Cameras
  • Recording Capabilites


Office of the Dean of Engineering

Room: 1046 Rathbone Hall

Phone: (785) 532-5590



A step-by-step guide to use the presentation system can be found here:

Instructions for DUE1109 presentation system