Paslay Auditorium Instructions

To download these instructions in PDF format, click here.

Paslay Hall Reservation Policy

The auditorium MUST BE RESERVED in advance. To obtain a key and reserve the hall, contact the dean's office.

Dean's Office - 1046 Rathbone - 532-5590

Technical Support

College of Engineering Computing Services


Steve Coulson



  • To turn on the projector, press the ON button on the control panel, located on top of the podium.
  • To lower the screen, hold down the right-most switch in the row of three white switches located to the left of the blackboard.
  • Sound for the room is switched on next to the lighting controls.
  • To switch inputs, raise or lower the volume, or play/pause media, use the control panel on the top of the podium.

 Ending Your Session

  • Turn off the sound system
  • Turn off the projector by pressing OFF on the control panel on top of the podium.
  • Return screens and lights to their original settings
  • Return the key to Engineering Experiment Station (RA1048)

To use the Computer

  • To display the computer on the projector press Computer 1 on the control panel, loctated on the podiium.
  • USB ports are available on the left side of the monitor, as well as on the front of the machine.

Warning: Security software on this computer will erase all changes made on the next reboot. This includes any files or data you may have created. These lost files are non-recoverable.

To connect a Laptop

  • paslay laptop cableLocate the VGA and Audio cables in the cable cubby on the left side of the podium.
  • Connect the VGA and Audio cables to the laptop.
  • Press Laptop on the control panel to project the laptop display.
  • To return to the PC display press Computer 1 on the control panel.


Note: If the display does not appear on the projector, you may need to change the monitor settings on your laptop. The settings should have a maximum screen resolution of 1024x768 and the refresh rate should be less than 75 Hertz. This can be done in the "Display" control panel, accessed by right-clicking on your desktop and choosing "Properties."

Using the VCR/DVD

paslay vcr/dvd

  • Power on the DVD/VCR.
  • Press the VCR/DVD button on the control panel.
  • Select VCR or DVD under Mode on the control panel.
  • Insert a cassette/disc into the unit and press play.




Using the ELMO

  • Open the lid on the right side of the desk.
  • Adjust ELMO as desired.
  • Select Document Camera on the control panel.

Lapel Microphone

Please remember to switch off the Lapel Microphone when you are finished using it.