ChE Print Quotas

1. About your printer account balance

Your print balance is the number of printer pages remaining in your account.   If your balance is 17, for example, you can print 17 pages.

A page means one physical sheet of paper.

Your print balance applies ONLY to these laser printers:

  • ChE Lab Color..... Durland 1039 computer lab
  • ChE Lab B&W 1..... Durland 1039 computer lab
  • ChE Lab B&W 2..... Durland 1039 computer lab
  • ChE Grad Color..... Durland 1030 

When you print to one of these printers, our software first counts the number of pages in your request, and then looks at your print balance. If your print balance is large enough to print all the pages, your print request will be accepted and your job will be printed. If your print balance is insufficient, your print request will be refused.

Your print balance is debited by 1 for each physical page you print, whether you print on one side or both sides of a page. If you print a 10-page document single-sided, your balance decreases by 10. Printing the same 10-page document double-sided (on 5 physical pages) would decrease your balance by 5.

Your print balance will not be affected when you print to any other printer, plotter or graphics output device. It applies only to the specific printers listed above.

2. How to check your current print balance

There is a shortcut on the desktop of the ChE computers to check the balance. You can also log in to this page to check your balance.

3. How we update your print balance

Your balance will be set to 200 pages on August 15th and January 15th.

Your balance will be set to 100 pages on June 1st.

4. What if you don't have enough copies?

If you don't have enough copies:

  • If a PDF would work for you instead of printing on paper, you can select "Adobe PDF" as the target printer and "print" to it.  The pages that would have been printed are instead turned into a Portable Document Format (.pdf) file.  And of course, this "printing" is not charged against your account balance.

You also have printing options in other places.

  • Kansas State University provides a limited amount of free printing to every student, on printers located in their computer labs and in Hale Library.  If you exhaust your free copies, you can use funds on a K-State Wildcat Card to purchase additional copies.   Learn more
  • The College of Engineering provides printing on college printers to all students in Engineering, you can go to one of the main Engineering labs to print there.

5. What if you have a problem with poor-quality printing, or with your account balance?

If you have a problem please see a ChE staff member in Durland 1005.