Windows 7

Click on the start menu and once inside move your cursor over "Devices and Printers" and left click. As shown below.

 Then select "Add a Printer" located on the top bar in the window that appears.

Then select "Add a network printer"


Windows will search for printers and find a couple, but nothing you have access to. Click on "The printer that I want isn't listed".


Select the browse for print option and then click next.


In the box next to Printer, type "\\" and then click select.


After the select button is clicked a window will appear that will prompt you for your username and password. For the username you MUST type in "USERS\" before your username. Once you have typed that you can proceed to typing your username as normal and then your password. Check the "Remember my credentials" box. Click OK.

NOTE: If you do not check the "Remember my credentials" box, you will need to re-install the printer in order to use that printer again if you take your personal computer off campus and return. 


There will be many printers for you to choose from. You must select the engg-labs printer. All lab printers use Release Stations, so there is only one queue for all of them. Then click the select button.


After selecting engg-labs this window should appear.


Another way to check if printer was succesfully installed is to go to Control Panel> View Devices and Printers. The installed printer should be visible under printers.