Edwards Conference Room Instructions

To download these instructions in PDF format, click here.

Reservation Policy

The conference room MUST BE RESERVED in advance. To request a reservation and obtain a key, contact the Dean of Engineering office.

Dean of Engineering Office 

1046 Rathbone


Technical Support

Engineering Computing Services


Tap the touchscreen to activate the system.

  • This will power up the presentation computer.
  • The wireless keyboard and mouse for the podium computer are stored inside the podium.
  • Select your desired presentation source using the touch screen, and adjust the audio level if your presentation source includes. 


To use the Presentation System

  • Turn on/off the Screen Display by pressing the Power button located on the touch screen.
  • If the presentation desktop is not displayed press the TV/VIDEO button, located at the lower left corner of the television, until PC is selected and press OK.
  • On the podium LED panel, the computer is selected by default when the system is powered on. The computer can be manually selected by pressing the Desktop Computer button on the touchscreen.
  • The podium computer is connected to the internet.
  • A USB port to the computer is available on the right side of the top of the podium.

Using an External Laptop

edwards laptopAttach your laptop to the podium via the cables on top. Connectors for picture, sound, and network are provided. The top video connection is for the laptop. The bottom video connection is for the ELMO document camera.

Note: Laptop display settings should be set to 1024x768 with a maximum refresh rate of 75Hz. This can be done in the "Display" control panel, located by right-clicking on your desktop and choosing "Properties."

Macintosh laptop users: You will need to bring your own Macintosh video adapter if your laptop does not use the standard HD15 output. You should connect your adapter to the laptop after it has booted, and then plug in the cable from the podium. If not done in this order, your video may not be displayed.

Using the ELMO

edwards elmo small

  • The ELMO is stored folded in the base of the podium.
  • Unfold the ELMO and connect it to the laptop VGA port on the podium. Connect the power to the outlet on the podium.
  • Change to the Elmo by touching Laptop-VGA on the touchscreen.





Using the Meeting OWL

  • The Meeting OWL is located on a tripod next to the podium, and is already plugged into the system.
  • Place the OWL centrally in the room to allow visibility of meeting participants.
  • To start a Zoom meeting, double click the Zoom icon on the desktop.
  • Click either join a meeting or sign in.
  • If no audio or video is present in the meeting, be sure to select the Meeting OWL options under the audio and video options.


Ending Your Session

  • Press the Exit System on the bottom middle of the touchscreen.
  • Turn off the tv by pressing the Power button on the lower right corner.
  • Store the ELMO, keyboard, and mouse in the podium. Be sure to put the mouse back on its charging cradle.
  • Turn off the lights as you exit.
  • Return the keys to the Dean of Engineering office.