Fiedler Auditorium Instructions

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Fiedler Auditorium Reservation Policy

The auditorium MUST BE RESERVED in advance. To request a reservation and obtain keys to the podium and sound closet, contact the Dean of Engineering's office.

Dean of Engineering Office

Room: 1046 Rathbone

Phone: 785-532-5590

Technical Support

      Engineering Computing Services




The lighting panel is located near the podium, by the door to the back room. The buttons numbered 1 through 5 are preset lighting patterns that can probably meet most needs without further adjustments. Moving forward or backward in the numbered sequence makes the room darker or brighter.

  • 1: All lights on.
  • 2: Same as (1), but whiteboard lights are turned off.
  • 3: Same as (2) but front downlights are turned off.
  • 4: Same as (3) but audience area is dimmed.
  • 5: Same as (4) but audience area is even darker.
  • 6: All off except aisle and wall sconce lights.

To Turn the Projector On

  • Tap the podium touchscreen to activate the podium systems and projector.

To turn the Projector Off

  • Press Exit System on the touchscreen. Confirm exit by pressing Yes on the dialog box that appears. The system will cooldown the projector and power down the podium.
  • Turn off all lights as you exit.
  • Return the keys to the Office of the Dean of Engineering.





To use the Presentation Computer

  • Press Computer on the podium touchscreen, then Send to the display you would like.
  • A USB port is available on the Podium Panel to the right of the pdoim touchscreen.

Warning: Security software on this computer will erase all changes made on the next reboot. This includes any files or data you may have created. These lost files are non-recoverable. To use a network drive for your data, please use the "ENGG Login" shortcut located on the desktop of the computer.

To Connect a Laptop

  • Locate the VGA or HDMI cable in the slide-out tray of the Fiedler Podium. VGA: Must set laptop to 1080p resolution
  • Connect the VGA\HDMI cable to the connector on the Podium Panel which is to the right of the podium touchscreen and the other end of the cable to your laptop. 
  • Press VGA or HDMI Laptop on the podium touchscreen, then Send To Display you would like.


To use the Document Camera

  • The Samsung Document Camera is located on the right side of the podium on a slide-out tray. The slide-out tray must be unlocked prior to use. 
  • Raise the camera arm to its upright position. 
  • To turn on the document camera, press the power button at the top left of the button bank.
  • To display the document camera, press Document Camera on the podium touchscreen, then Send To Display.


To use the Lapel Microphone

  • To use the Lapel Microphone move the switch from the OFF position to the ON position. A green light will indicated that the microphone is functioning.
  • Please remember to switch off the Lapel Microphone when you are finished using it.
  • Note:There are wireless lapel and handheld mics available for use located in the left-hand side drawer of the podium.