Seaton 1037 Instructions

To download these instructions in PDF format, click here.

Technical Support

Engineering Computing Services

Phone: 785-532-4643


To turn the System On

  • Tap the touch screen on the podium to turn the system on.
  • Once the system is on, the projector will turn on.
  • To control what is displayed on the projector you need to touch the source on the left of the control screen. 

The Source options available:

  • Computer: This is to use the computer inside the podium.
  • VGA Laptop: This is to use your laptop with the supplied VGA cable.
  • HDMI Laptop: This is to use your laptop with the supplied HDMI cable.


Warning: Security software on this computer will erase all changes made on the next reboot. This includes any files or data you may have created. These lost filesare non-recoverable. To use a network drive for your data, please use the "ENGG Login" shortcut located on the desktop of the computer.


To exit the system, press the Exit System button on the bottom right of the touch screen. This will turn off the projector and exit the system.



To raise and lower the projector screen there is a control panel on the wall. Just press up or down on the panel to put the screen in the desired position.