Recording in DUE 0093, 0096, 0097, 1109

Engineering Recording Rooms Reservation Policy

The classrooms MUST BE RESERVED in advance. To obtain a key and reserve it, contact the Office of Engineering Research and Graduate Programs (ERGP):

ERGP Office

Room: 1042 Rathbone

Phone: 785-532-5846

Technical Support

Engineering Computing Services


Visit this link to request a manual upload of a recording.

Visit this link to request a recording.


These 4 classrooms have the capability to be recorded by a student in an external room, automatically upon prior request to CECS, or manually through the Crestron tablet on the podium. The following instructions give a general overview of performing a manual recording and provide some thing to look out for when you have arranged an automatic recording:

Upon starting the presentation system the recording option can be found along the bar at the bottom of the Crestron tablet. Before recording it is important to note a couple things, the first being what content will be recorded. On the main screen in the top right corner under 'Send To' is what will be recorded. 

'Display' is the digital content to be recorded such as whatever is on a computer or document camera. 'AV Bridge' refers to the cameras in the room. Using the image above as an example, to switch to the document camera select it under 'Source' then select 'Display' option under 'Send To'

The second thing to consider is making sure the microphones are turned on, turned up and not muted. A handheld and lapel microphone can be found in the lower shelves of the podium. Be sure to turn on the microphone before using it. In the volume menu on the Crestron make sure the microphone you are using is not muted and turned up to a proper volume. 

To start recording, navigate to the 'Recorder' menu and select the black record icon located to the right of the mediasite preview screen. The buttons adjacent to record icon will stop and pause the recording respectively.  

If you have set up automatic recording then the system will begin recording at the requested time and automatically stosp 5 minutes after the desired stop time. You are free to manually stop an automatic recording at any time without needing to wait for the system to stop it for you.

If you performed a manual recording please fill out this form to have it uploaded.

Training Videos: 

DUE0093, DUE0096, and DUE0097