Request Support

If this form does not work, please email us from your K-State email address.

Phone:   532-4643 (2-4643 on campus)

Things We Do:

  • Set your computer to automatically receive security updates and Antivirus definitions.
  • Add your computer to the departmental inventory for record-keeping
  • Handle questions and problems.
  • Back up local files on your computer as requested
  • Install or update software as requested
  • set user permissions as requested

Your Responsibilities:

  • Contact us (see above) when you have problems or questions.
  • Inform us whenever a computer changes location or the primary person using it.
  • Be extremely careful about what you install on the computer.  If you aren’t completely sure that the program is legally licensed and free of spyware/viruses, please ask.

Comma separated. This is located on a sticker the top/side/back of your computer, has a barcode, and above that either your department and 4 digits (ex BAE0999), or a lab designator (ex F1093-23)
Enter "Personal" if its on your own computer.
Enter "VDI" if this is for the Engineering Virtual Desktops.