Highlights, often referred to as an image slideshow or gallery, are a great way of adding pictures to your site without sacrificing a lot of time.


The Highlights box is comprised of 2 main parts: the slide and the pager. The slide contains the image and information about the current highlight including the read more button, a link to additional content about the slide, while the pager contains of list of all the highlights to be displayed. All of the parts are optionally displayed except the image.

Table of Contents

Adding Highlight Content Pages

Before you can show highlights on a page, you must first add the content pages. To Start, click on Content Management > Create Content > Highlight in the admin bar.

This will bring you to a form much like a standard content page, but it will have a few extra options for you to fill out. These items are represented in the image overview above.

  • Title - The text that is displayed as the title of the slide item text.
  • Pager Item Text - If a pager is shown, this will be the text shown.
  • Slide Text - The text that will be shown in the slide portion.
  • Body - This is only seen by the user if filled out and the user clicked on the Read More button.
  • Image - The image that will show up in the highlight box. It is automatically resized to fit.

Enabling Highlights on a Page

To add highlights to any page on your website, simply click the  tab and find the . Below you will find a list of highlight items that you may choose from to display in the highlights box. If nothing shows up, then you will need to first add some.

A maximum of 5 entries can be shown at once.

Options For Displaying Highlights

Below is a list of each type of Highlight display that can be shown on your website. Each comes with a set of field requirements that must be filled out in order for it to show.

  1. Full Caption and Pager
    Highlights Full
    This allows you to show text and all the items in the images list while also having the option to let users click a "Read More" button to view additional content.

    Content fields required for this view: Pager Item Text, Slide Text, Body. If Body is not filled out, then the 'Read More' button will not be displayed.
  2. Extended Image and Caption
    Highlights Extended

    An image rotator that allows for the flexability of adding text while not showing the pager. This type will also not show a "read more" button.

    Content fields required for this view: Slide Text.
  3. Image Rotator
    Highlights Image Rotator

    This allows a website to display a basic image rotator.

    Content fields required for this view: None.