Using the Server Browser


To insert images and link to files, click the editor's Image or Link button respectively, then click .  The file browser (called IMCE) window should appear.

Uploading New Images and Files to the Server

  1. Under  (top left)click on the directory you wish to upload your image to.
  2. Under  (bottom left)press Browse to choose a file from your hard drive (images or pdfs, usually).  Images must be JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMPs to work on the web.
  3. Press Upload.  The file will appear in the directory you chose.

Creating a new directory

  1. Right-click on "root" under  (top left), and choose "create sub-directory"

Selecting an image or file

  1. Double-click the desired image or file. Its URL will be entered in the Image or Link dialog.