Cargill Carts Instructions

Cargill Carts Reservation Policy

The Cargill Carts can be checked out from the engineering dean's office. To obtain a key and reserve a cart, contact the engineering dean's office.

Engineering dean's office - 1046 Rathbone - 532-5590

Technical Support

CECS: 532-4643,


  • Plug the power cord into the wall. This will boot the computer automatically.
  • The computer has a wireless connection to the internet; if desired, you may also plug the network cable into a wall jack.
  • Set up the projector (see below for details)

Ending Your Session

  • Shut down the computer
  • Turn off the projector (wait until all fans have gone off)
  • Important Note: Let the projector cool down for at least 60 seconds before unplugging the power.
  • Unplug power from the wall and rewrap the cord on the cart.
  • Return the cart to Fiedler Library (Fiedler 1102) and the key to the dean's office (Rathbone 1046).


Both VCR and computer sound is routed through the projector. You may adjust the volume with the controls on the computer and projector.

Using an External Laptop

There is a VGA cable lying loose on the top of the cart, near the monitor. To use your laptop connect it to the VGA cable on top of the cart and it will automatically be displayed. When you want to use the computer in the cart again unplug the cable from the laptop and the projector will display the computer again.

Note: If the display does not appear on the projector, you may need to change the monitor settings on your laptop. The settings should have a maximum screen resolution of 1024x768 and the refresh rate should be less than 75 Hertz. This can be done in the "Display" control panel, located by right-clicking on your desktop and choosing "Properties."

 Using the Projector

The projector is kept in a drawer  near the bottom of the cart. If the drawer won't pull out, flip the black latch to a horizontal (unlocked) position. To change the projector source (for example, to switch from playing a video tape to the computer) press the 'source' button on the projector (see pictures).

Using the VCR

  • Switch to the VCR by pressing the 'source' button on the projector until you see the VCR.
  • Insert the tape, then press play.


  • WARNING: Security software on this computer will erase all changes made on the next reboot. This includes any files or data you may have created. These lost files are non-recoverable.
  • Network connectivity is available for the built-in computer via wireless or the provided network cable.
  • Network connectivity for laptops is available via wireless networking