Click on System Preferences .

Click on Print & Scan.

In Print & Scan Click  to add a new printer.

Right click the Add window and select customize toolbar.

Drag and drop the Advanced option to the Add window and click on done.

In the Add window please do the following:

  1. Set Type to Windows printer via spoolss.
  2. Set Device as Another Device.
  3. Under URL: please type smb://
  4. ​​Set Use to Generic PostScript Printer
  5. Click Add

Click the checkbox for the Duplex Printing Unit and click OK.

Open up Safari, click File, and select Print. In the Print Window press Print.

For the name type USERS\username. The username used is your engineering username used to log onto the engineering computers. Type in your engineering password and click on remember this password in my keychain. Then press OK.