Recording in DUF 0087/0088

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Visit this link to request a manual upload of a recording.

Visit this link to request a recording.



Recording in Fiedler 0087/0088 is done on the touchscreen located on the podium. The default is to record the camera and whatever is projected onto the screen. The Fiedler 0087/0088 classrooms can automatically start recording or can be done manualy. 

If you select the 'Recording Controls' this screen appears.

  • Different sources can be selected on the left-hand side menu, including Computer Main (room computer), VGA Laptop, HDMI Laptop, and Document Camera.
  • Cables for VGA and HDMI laptop are located on the podium.
  • Select the 'Record' Button to start recording.
  • You can pause and unpause the recording at any time.
  • When you are finished select the 'Stop' button.

A lapel microphone and handheld microphone are available. Press and hold the power button on the microphone to turn on/off. On the lapel microphone you will need to flip the front panel down to find the button. Handheld microphone's button is on the bottom of microphone.

There is also a podium microphone available for your use.

Be sure to turn microphones off, and replace in charging base after finished recording.


Please fill out this form to have your manual recording uploaded to your Mediasite folder.

To request an automatic recording, fill out this form.